Our Pet Care Pledge

 We will:

    1. Care for all pets with kindness and place their welfare above all other business considerations.    

    2. Provide security and safety for all pets.


    3. Maintain a clean and sanitary environment.


    4. Provide vigilant supervision and respond appropriately to any sign of distress or emergency.


    5. Provide and maintain clean and individual containers of water.


    6. Ensure an adequate and proper diet is provided.


    7. Seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate. 


    8. Require proper immunization records for all pets.


    9. Administer veterinary-prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.


    10. Take appropriate measures to control parasites within the facility environment.


    11. Maintain facility temperatures within healthful limits.


    12. Provide protection from the elements and from excessive exposure to the sun, heat and cold for all pets.

13. Provide safe & clean exercise areas and the opportunity for daily exercise.